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Haiti Sanitation Project

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Sanitation Project Summary

The goal of this project is to improve sanitation in the Les Anglais District, a remote Haitian community of about 12,000 in the town center and approximately 45,000 overall. EWB Portland Professionals (EWB) has been working on water system improvements here since 2008 and community leaders have been appealing to EWB for assistance with sanitation since the first visit to the community.  The need for improved sanitation throughout Les Anglais has been apparent to EWB since the beginning of their efforts.  Upon EWB’s first visit to Les Anglais, one of the first questions that the mayors asked was whether EWB would provide assistance with sanitation.  The issue of sanitation improvements continues to be raised by community leaders every time EWB visits Les Anglais. And with the current cholera outbreak the need for sanitation improvements has become even more dire.

Sanitation Assessment

Baseline health assessments conducted by EWB in 2008 and 2010 have indicated that a significant portion (65%) of the Les Anglais population lacks latrine access entirely and uses the fields, river, or ocean instead.  The assessment also found that 29% of children less than 5 years of age had diarrhea in the last two weeks  , which can be associated with unsafe drinking water and lack of sanitation. Water samples collected from several surface water sources as well as from the source springs themselves tested positive for e. coli and fecal coliform contamination.
Studies have shown that interventions in areas lacking adequate water and sanitation are far more effective at reducing the occurrence of waterborne disease when they address both factors.  The EWB team is currently assisting with Les Anglais’ drinking water needs.  Including sanitation in the team’s efforts will further contribute to reducing the occurrence of such diseases.  By properly containing and disposing of sewage, surface water and groundwater contamination will be reduced, thus improving the quality and sustainability of the drinking water supply. 

Providing improved sanitation at every household in Les Anglais would be outside the scope of a typical EWB project; however, the EWB team sees the potential to implement sanitation facilities in neighborhoods identified by the community as having the highest need first.  After EWB and the Les Anglais community “start small” with this initial project, and as community capacity to build and maintain the latrines improves, the project may be scaled up accordingly.  Ultimately, the EWB approach will be to enable the community to continue to expand their sanitation capacity without the need for outside assistance.  

School Sanitation Surveys


Upcoming Implementation Trip, Early 2013

The Sanitation team has received approval to travel to Les Anglais and build a pilort latrine at the community's hurricane shelter.

View the plans for the pilot latrine that the Haiti team will be implementing during the next visit to Les Anglais in Early 2013.

Sanitation pilot latrine schematics


July 2012 Assessment Trip