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Renewable Energy and Water Supply Mungere Secondary School

Location:Mungere Village, Northern Tanzania
Scope: Renewable Energy and Water
Partner:Red Sweater Project
Status:EWB completed the design of a photovoltaic energy system and plans to install it in 2013. EWB is also designing a campus water supply system and plans to install it in 2014.


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Education in Tanzania

EWB partners with Tanzanian communities and non-governmental organizations to design and implement projects that enhance the quality of education in rural Tanzania and develop skills that are necessary for innovation and development.

Renewable Energy

The Tanzania Team designed a 2 kW photovoltaic energy system to power campus facilities and allow Mungere teachers to utilize technology, including computers and projectors, in class, and develop skills through experience.

EWB will install the solar energy system in 2013 and conduct operations and maintenance traing workshops with the students and staff.

Water Supply and Hygiene

The Tanzania Team is designing a campus water supply system that includes a piped conveyance system, hand-washing stations and a school garden irrigation system.

EWB will install the system in 2014 and conduct workshops to discuss water-quality and hygiene with the staff and students.


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