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Campus Water Supply


Water and Education

Water and education are inseparable and interconnected. Schools have to provide safe water, sanitation, and hygiene education to protect students’ health and keep them in the classroom.

Clean water, sanitation and hygiene in schools provide nutrition and promote health, increasing attendance and creating a safe environment for learning.

Water at Mungere

EWB is partnering with the Red Sweater Project and the Mungere community to design a water supply system for Mungere Secondary School in northern Tanzania.
Red Sweater Project begun construction of Mungere Secondary in 2012 and the first class of students is currently attending classes. Campus construction will be phased over several years and enrollment will increase until all eligible children are attending secondary school.

Site Assessment

The Tanzania Team conducted a site assessment in August 2013, completing a topographical survey of the site, evaluating local building practices, materials, and meeting with local stakeholders and contractors.

Design & Implementation

The is designing a campus water supply system that will include:

  • pipe conveyance system
  • hand washing stations
  • school garden irrigation system
The Team plans to install the system in early 2014 and conduct educational workshops with the studetns and staff to discuss water-quality, water-borne diseases and hygiene.



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