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Pictures of the Month

An archive of Project Pictures of the Month

June 2009 Project Picture of the Month

Students from the Orkeeswa Secondary School  help survey the school grounds with guidance from Portlander Ken Elbert. 

The EWB Portland Tanzania project team sent two representatives, Matt Barbian and Ada Banasik, to the Orkeeswa School in April to perform a site assessment.  The assessment included water quality testing, land surveying, coordination with local contractors, visits to completed projects, and getting to know the operations and needs of the school.   Ken was traveling in Africa at the time and stopped by to help coordinate the land surveying efforts.  The team found no shortage of willing help among the amazing students!  Read about the project background.

May 2009 Project Picture of the Month

Travis and Laurent on Basin Simbe Reservoir

EWB Portland repairs team lead Travis Hultin and Tout Bagay trip support lead Laurent Auguste take a moment to chat on the top of the Basin Simbe reservoir.  This reservoir serves a major portion of the Les Anglais community.  In February 2009, the EWB Portland team worked with community members to restore flow to this reservoir by repairing pipes that had been broken or clogged during the August 2008 hurricanes. 

In June 2009, the team plans to install a cholorinator on this reservoir and work with community plumbers to continue the work to repair the system and restore the flow of water to town.  The team will also continue its assessment efforts including home health surveys, mapping, water testing and meetings with other organizations working in Les Anglais.